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Books By Gail Dusa
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Practical Strategies for Developing Resiliency in Secondary Students
A five component model provides the framework for the many activities in this book that you can use to motivate your students, teach responsibility, defuse hostile situations, and stop put-downs. Reproducible black–line masters. Other activities: Personal Success Evaluation, Accepting Responsibility, Social Skill Development, Dreams and Goals, Class Report Card and Self-Evaluation Checklist. Three ring binder. 129 pgs.
Price: $69.95
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Practical Activities for Achieving Success with Difficult and At-Risk Students
Contains worksheets ready for you to photocopy for your students. Many techniques to increase concentration, alleviate procrastination, deal with anger, develop a code of ethics and generate personal accountability. Plus, many practical tips from teachers across the country, Three ring binder, 125 pgs.
Price: $69.95
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The Winning Combination
This very practical manual shows you how to implement many cooperative learning strategies without rewriting your lesson plans. Helps to develop accountability and team work so that academic tasks will be more successful . 108 must have pages!
Price: $49.95
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A+ Teachers Plan Book for Success
A plan book that contains a motivational thought for the day for each day of the school year. Includes strategies to help you create a supportive and encouraging learning environment.
Price: $14.95
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Twenty-five Activities for Building Self-Esteem at Home
Activities for parents and children that will turn that hour before supper , and the time before bed into the best times of day. You’ll build lasting memories with these techniques. Modifications for divorced parents and activities that teens respond to, as well.
Price: $9.95
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Step Into Some Successful Self-Esteem Activities
Lessons to build self esteem in the context of the curriculum. Elementary focus.
Price: $9.95
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