Increasing Motivation Achievement and Responsibility of At-risk Students

You'll leave with a wealth of practical activities and proven strategies for helping your at-risk students experience greater success.

1. Understanding AT-RISK Learners---What You Can Do Strengthen your effectiveness in working with at-risk students by understanding their key needs and how you can meet them.

2. Accelerating Student Motivation and Success Students who lack motivation seldom attain their potential…Scores of outstanding strategies for motivating even the most reluctant student.

3. Increasing Responsible Behavior Students who feel inadequate have difficulty making appropriate behavior decisions…Proven strategies for helping at-risk students develop greater self-discipline and responsibility for their own behavior.

4. The Five Myths of AT-RISK Youth Learn the five myths that create barriers for success with at-risk students…What you can do to overcome them.

5. Increasing Self-Esteem and Self-Respect Developing self-respect and a healthy sense of self-esteem are two of the keystones of success for your at-risk students. Here's how…

6. Strengthening AT-RISK Students' Achievement Discouraged students must learn that their effort and behavior does make a difference…A wealth of proven strategies for helping at-risk students develop an internal locus of control over their own behavior and achievement.

7. Breaking the Cycle of Discouragement Teach your students to identify and change the negative beliefs that have created past failures.

8. Preventing School Failure The most effective programs in the country prevent at-risk students from becoming discouraged and dropping out of school…the best ideas from successful schools throughout North America.

9. Building Resiliency in AT-RISK Youth Understand what makes some students at-risk and others not and what you can do about it. (You may purchase the extensive handbook for every memeber of your staff!)

10. Goal Setting Strategies That Work Many AT-RISK youth have dim hopes for the future. Provide your students with powerful and effective reasoning and strategies that will show them how to set and attain goals.


  • Increase the achievement and responsibility of your at-risk students
  • Teach students the behaviors that create healthy self-esteem and self-respect
  • Develop healthy responses to comments by frustrated, hostile students.
  • Use highly effective verbal responses that help at-risk students develop greater responsibility for their own behavior.
  • Use comments and behaviors that teach and reinforce the highest levels of self-discipline.
  • Create a classroom and school environment that invites even the most discouraged student to participate.
  • Begin the essential process of building success and self-respect with your at-risk students.
  • Understand the direct link between locus of control and school achievement.
  • Overcome the discouragement you experience when working with students who claim they don't care.
  • Increase motivation for learning with your most difficult and reluctant students.
  • Use highly effective strategies for helping the at-risk student achieve success in your school.
What Others Have Said About This Seminar

"Of all the seminars I have attended in eight years, I have benefited most from this one." Valerie Clark, Director, Project Success.

"Excellent! Practical and ready to use!" Vicki Faber, High School L.D. Instructor.

"Outstanding! Kept the interest level high and shared content that can be used in every classroom." - Nilda Ruiz Pauley, Teacher, Dropout Prevention Program.

"The best practical seminar on at-risk education that I have attended." Ada Cutter, Teacher

"Excellent workshop…Powerful concepts that can make a significant difference in troubled kids' lives." - Dave Abeling, CSE Chairman

"One of the best workshops I've attended in25 years of education." - Michael ?Sawyer, vice Principal, Earlimart Middle School