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Why Choose Gail Dusa?
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Results Oriented Learning - Your teachers will learn very practical techniques that they can apply immediately in their classroom. These strategies will help teachers boost academic achievement and improve classroom discipline.

Participation Gail is a facilitator, not a lecturer. You will be fully engaged in one on one interaction, problem solving scenarios and team oriented processes. You and your staff will learn and practice the skills that truly motivate even your most reluctant learners in the classroom.

Personalized Content - The content of your seminar will be specifically tailored to meet your needs. Gail will provide ideas and activities for counselors, principals, teacherís aides, learning support specialists, as well as classroom teachers. A multi seminar presentation can be adapted to meet your changing or emerging needs. Gail can consult with your group to help develop an at-risk or leadership program.

Sense of Humor Research proves that we learn more when we are having fun. Gailís wit and humor will punctuate the presentation and your staff will be asking to bring her back.

Practical - Gailís signature is practical application. She will guide you to taking the concepts and strategies youíve learned and applying them directly to your interaction with students. Most of Gailís handouts and manuals are designed to be Xeroxed and passed out to students for ease of use.

Outside the Box Learning - Gail will take you outside the box of traditional thinking to experience ďahaĒ moments. Grounded in research, and tested on students and teachers, you will find these activities ready to implement upon your return to your students.

Risk Free - Gail is an expert at facilitating a safe environment to experiment with new techniques youíve learned so you will be comfortable using them with your students.

Research Based Curriculum - Known for her consistently high quality materials, based on the most current research and trends, Gail has written six books to assist teachers in motivating, supporting and engaging students in academic activities. Your handouts will carry Gailís famous TFC (Teacher Friendly Copyright) which allows your staff to reproduce materials for classroom use.

Classroom Experience - When Gail speaks, educators listen. Thatís because Gail has over 22 years of classroom experience at the primary, middle and high school levels. Here touching and humorous stories of the lessons her students taught her bring a warmth that will inspire and re-energize your staff. She has spoken in over 100 US cities and in Canada, Europe and Russia. Her materials are used all over the world.

Gail Dusa Speaks!
726 N. Main St. PMB 165
Gunnison, Colorado 81230
Phone: 1-800-GET-DUSA
Fax: (970) 641-0917

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