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Practical Strategies for Achieving Success with Difficult and AT-RISK Students- How can we better meet the needs of todayís at-risk and difficult students? How can we help discouraged learners develop the motivation to learn and take more responsibility for their own achievement? How can we more effectively manage the challenging behaviors of students who are disruptive during class time? How can we more effectively adapt our curriculum to meet individual student needs without sacrificing academic integrity? If you are searching for practical solutions to these questions, this seminar was designed for you. In this new seminar, Gail Dusa, experienced secondary teacher of at risk students and internationally recognized presenter, will share dozens of the current and best strategies for dealing with difficult and at-risk students. Using the most current research, Gailís approach is extremely practical with a clear focus on ideas you can use immediately. All educators working with difficult or at-risk students in grades 6-12, whether in regular or specialized programs, will benefit form this seminar. To bring this seminar to your school or conference click here.

Increasing Motivation Achievement and Responsibility of At-risk Students - Today, more than ever before, an increasing number of secondary students exhibit many of the commonly associated AT_RISK behaviors of chronic discouragement, lack of responsibility, low self-respect, and minimal motivation for learning. These behaviors frequently become a source of frustration, failure and fatigue for both students and teachers. In this outstanding seminar, experienced secondary teacher, Gail Dusa will share a wealth of proven techniques and valuable insights for increasing the achievement, responsibility and motivation of your at-risk students. Gail will provide you with a wealth of practical techniques and proven strategies for helping your AT-RISK students experience greater success. To bring this seminar to your school or conference click here.

Creating a Classroom Community - research regarding effective schools shows that a sense of connectedness or belonging is one of the most important elements of keeping kids in school. Organizing the classroom so that more time is spent on academic achievement and less on discipline and distractions improves students learning and achievement. In this dynamic seminar, Gail provides educators with the five essential elements of creating a classroom community that increases academic achievement and decreases disciplinary problems. Elements of cooperative learning, and understanding personality styles is included to help educators more effective plan and execute their academic responsibilities. Participants will leave with strategies, activities and practices that can be implemented immediately for dramatic and noticeable results. To bring this seminar to your school or conference click here.

The Winning Combination: Accountability and Teamwork - This very practical and comprehensive one day seminar is designed to help teachers implement cooperative learning quickly and easily. These easy to use strategies can be implemented for small segments of lessons to introduce students to working effectively and productively in group or team situations. Teachers will learn the basic cooperative learning strategies and how to inculcate them into their academic lesson plans. Specific attention will be given to introducing parents to the concept of cooperative learning and getting their buy in. Project design strategies will help teachers more effectively use block schedules and extended class periods. Teachers will leave with tons of practical strategies for facilitating a cooperative learning environment which will result in more student time on task and grater increase in academic achievement. To bring this seminar to your school or conference click here.

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